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Excitement and Extroverting!

This year has brought me a wonderful opportunity!  Through circumstances only God could have arranged, I am blessed to have the opportunity to attend a big Family Ministry conference in Texas!  Not only is this a conference that pertains to many of my passions in life, but it will also go a long way in propelling my research for my Family Ministry work this spring!  I could have never conceived of having an opportunity like this!  God is so much bigger than even my greatest dreams.  He makes possible things I deem impossible.  But what a better way for Him to show Himself and His great might?

I am often amazed by the way God works in my life!  I can see Him doing so many things each day!  I am grateful that He allows me to see a little of how He is working as He does things. It keeps me humble and it keeps me in awe of Him who saw fit to save me from a life of sin and death.  Here’s a few other glimpses of what God has been up to:

During a major storm, a large oak tree fell on top of my car!  By the grace of God, it did not crush my car, but the branches enveloped the front of it, which ended up protecting it from some of the hail!  Had the car been even a foot to the right or left, it would have been impaled!

God has been teaching me a lot lately about repentance, confession, and actively living out the faith I profess.  He has provided me ample opportunities to act on the things He is teaching me.  I love that the Father will correct and reprove at the same time He makes His great love for us apparent.  We truly have a loving Father!

Not only, has the Lord opened up the opportunity to attend this conference, but He has also provided the funding for it, so that I only have to pay for my meals while I am here!  He also provided me a wonderful place to stay (only 30 minutes from my conference) with a family I know!  I also have the opportunity to network with a number of other people who are passionate about the same things I am!

That brings me to the next part of this post’s title: Extroverting…

While I am very excited for this conference, I know that it will take most  of my energy, not just because it will provide lots of information, but because I will be around people–a lot of people– all day long for three days straight.  To some, this may sound thrilling and energize you even more; however, to some people like myself this is daunting and overwhelming.  As an introvert, I thrive on time by myself, stillness, and silence.  None of these are what you would consider descriptors of a conference.  The days will take most of the energy I have and likely leave me feeling very depleted.  But even in this, I know God will provide!  He brought me to this conference and He will make sure I get everything out of it that I need to get out of it!

I look forward to tomorrow with great anticipation, excitement, and prepared to extrovert!

My Brothers and Sisters, keep on in the faith.  Fight the good fight, but more than anything, abide in Him who first loved you!


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