Playing with the Cards You’re Given




Think about just about any card game out there and what it takes to win. Sure, part of your success in the game relies on your strategy and decisions for game play, but most of your success or failure in the game centers around the cards that you are dealt at the beginning of the game. We’ve all had those great hands that make winning a breeze and have probably been accused of cheating by the people playing with us. We’ve also had those hands that are the worst possible one we could have at that moment and have been tempted to quit before we even start. Think of the sweetness of a win that comes from what started out as a horrible hand. Sometimes we appreciate those wins more because it was hard to get there.

I think life is like a card game in a sense. Each of us are dealt different cards when we start out. Some good, some bad, and usually more of one kind than the other. The cards we’re dealt influence our ease of “play” but do not necessarily determine a set outcome.  That’s the beauty of the God we serve. He can take the worst life has to offer and create from it a beautiful masterpiece. He can take the best and do the same. Conversely, we can take the best and, by our choices, throw it all away making what we had to begin with absolutely worthless and meaningless.
So let’s acknowledge the blessings of the hand we’ve been given and make the most of the cards we’re dealt. Be appreciative of what you have and don’t take it for granted. Doing so will help you have compassion on others and keep you from the pride and arrogance that threatens us all.

I found this quote rather fitting.

I found this quote rather fitting for this post…

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