Thankful for the Word

This Thanksgiving I was blessed to meet a wonderful, saintly woman.  I learned so much from this dear lady in her mid-eighties.  She is one of those people who exude the presence of Christ in everything they do.  I hope to remember my time with Winnie for many years to come.

I was most amazed by what Mrs. Winnie S. said as we were sharing our favorite Thanksgiving traditions and what we were thankful for this year.  She shared with utmost sincerity and humility how thankful she is thatOpenBible(1) we have access to the Word of God and because of that we can learn about the Lord, His character, and His ways.  She then proceeded to share with all of us what the Lord had taught her that morning during her time in the Word studying 1 Peter 4.  She shared the three things she took away from that day’s reading, teaching us the very things she had learned.

I couldn’t help but thinking that this is someone I want to be like when I am her age.  Her love for Jesus and the Word of God were clearly evident.  She spoke with passion and conviction.  Joy lit up her eyes as she shared about the things she’s still learning in her Christian walk.  This woman is a great role model in the faith and I was richly blessed by the afternoon I got to spend with her.  His Law is truly her delight.   I pray that we will all learn to treasure the Word of God greatly and always seek to learn more about our Lord as we read it.  I pray that when we reach our mid-eighties we will be more in love with Jesus than ever before, still vibrant in our faith, and still sharing with others what God has and is teaching us.

But, to do that in our eighties, means we have to learn how to do so now and practice it in our lives.  So my prayer is that today we will treasure the Word of God, that we will seek to learn more about the Lord, that we will love Him more today than yesterday, that we will be vibrant in our faith and that we would share with others what God has and is teaching us in our lives.  I pray that we would live lives worth imitating, like Mrs. Winnie.

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