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A Lonely Road


(I originally wrote this on October 27, 2014, but I just haven’t put it up here yet)

Some say that ministry is a lonely road, and they’re right.  One of the things they don’t bother to tell you while you’re in college, especially in ministry prep courses, is just how lonely the road can be after graduation.  A lot of recent college graduates I’ve talked to have said the same thing.  They just didn’t know how hard and lonely it would be!

Think about it:  The push in college is not only to get your degree so that you can get that dream job, but to invest in wonderful, life-long friends.  But guess what?  When graduation day comes, the friends usually disperse all over as the Lord calls them separate ways.  Sure, we remain friends, albeit from a distance, but what do we do when we find ourselves in a completely new place with no friends and no connections?  Who do we connect with?  Who do we befriend?

Those who walk into ministry as singles face this in an especially potent way.  As the Lord calls us to new territory where we know no one, we can face deep loneliness.  Often times, we don’t have the opportunity to go serve with our best friend or with our closest loved ones.  (Maybe it’s just me, but I think that this applies to others too.  If you agree, can I get a shout out down below?)  Granted, the role of the single adult in the Church and the Kingdom of God are important and vital.  It is a key calling, but it is a hard and lonely one.

Yet despite the loneliness that can come with the calling to ministry, God is always present and always with us.  Even when the loneliness is overwhelming, He IS there!  We are given an opportunity to press into Him in a unique ways and to depend on Him more fully.  The challenge is will we take the opportunity and actually do it?

Here’s the other thing: even though ministry and being a vocational minister is a lonely road, we’re not meant to walk it alone.  I challenge those of you in ministry to reach out to someone in your church or area whom you can befriend.  Share life with them and together seek the Lord encouraging one another in the ministry and in the Lord.  We are not meant to live or minister alone. And though we may feel lonely, we are not alone!


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The Changing of Seasons

There are times in our lives when the Lord calls us out of one area or situation and moves us to another.  Like the changing of seasons, heralded by changing temperatures and weather, changes in life come as seasons—here for a while only to fade into the next thing God brings along our way.

This brings a mixture of excitement and sadness—excitement for the season that approaches and sadness for the season being left behind.  Spring brings with it the joy of new life and blooming flowers, while seeing the beauty of snow-cover fields and mountains melt away.  Summer has the excitement of outdoor activities and longer days while the coolness of spring passes away.  Autumn brings glorious colors to trees and cool, crisp air, but the green of summer and warm evenings disappear as the days shorten.  Winter has the glories of snow and time indoors to warm up with blankets and warm beverages, but also brings bare trees and biting wind to replace the colors and air of fall.  So too, our seasons of life bring a mixture of excitement and sadness.

As I come to the close of another season, I find myself all too well acquainted with these feelings again.  The worst part of the closing of any season is saying, “goodbye” or “see ya later” to those I have connected with throughout the season.  But the blessing of being part of the family of God is that no matter where we go, we get to carry with us the unity and bond we have together in Christ.  We may have seasons when we are physically absent from those we love, but in Christ and His Spirit, who unites us, we can be present spiritually.

Whenever I have a season that comes to a close, I carry a piece of that season with me forever.  I can say with confidence that I will carry a large piece of this season with me as God takes me into the next season He has in store.  I will remember you all and the memories I have here with fondness.  Being here for this season has been such a rich blessing and I thank God for it every day.

Thank you, Grace Church, for welcoming me with open arms and letting me be part of what God is doing here for three years.  Thank you for being my friends and a family to me as I have been away from mine.  Thank you for supporting and encouraging me.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your lives and for being part of mine.  It has been a true blessing to serve the Lord here.  Thank you so much!

To Christ Jesus be the glory!  Blessings on you all!

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