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A Thing or Two About Dependence

There’s nothing quite like being sick or injured to remind you how utterly dependent we are upon others.  Though this bout of sickness was not severe, the fact that I was on the road away from home and living in the homes of friends highlighted the need for others in our lives and for not being alone.

We need people around us who are strong when we are weak, and can help pull us up when we’ve fallen down.  And we need to do the same for others.  We often think of this in spiritual terms, but it is also very true in physical terms.  We need each other and sometimes it takes sickness or illness to remind us that we can’t and shouldn’t try to live this life all on our own.  This dependence on others also points me to an even greater dependence in my life:  my dependence on God.

Everything I am, everything I have is all because of God.  Without His presence in my life and without His working in it, I don’t know if I would even be alive today.  At the very least, I would be a very different person.  I am dependent on God for more things than I even realize.  Being sick highlights a glimpse of the number of things that have to “go right” for our bodies to function “normally”.  I am thankful that in my dependence I can rely on the Dependable One and those in the family of God!  It is a great comfort indeed!

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